The most common complaint from chefs and cooking enthusiasts is that they have a number of spice grinders and that none of them are working! For this reason it makes no sense to produce an attractive piece of woodwork and then to fit it with a poor mechanism that will wear out in no time. The mechanisms fitted in my pepper grinders are stainless steel and imported from a manufacturer in Switzerland and have been used by myself for 15 years without any comebacks.

In order to adjust the grind of the peppercorns from coarse to fine, most grinder mechanisms rely on using the small knob on top. My mechanisms are fitted with an adjusting screw in the base of the grinder which enables one to set the coarseness of the grind and thereafter it keeps this grind constant at all times until reset, without having to adjust the knob all the time.


In recent years there has been an increase in orders for salt grinders or salt and pepper sets and for these I use a ceramic grinder from a local supplier. The ceramic mechanisms can in fact also be used for pepper and other spices and herbs. The instructions with each grinder will not only detail the best way to use your grinder, but also the best pepper products to give a satisfactory grind.

All my products carry a lifetime guarantee.